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Update Server Update - 15/11/2018

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Hello everyone!

The maintenance has ended and we added 1 new feature, this took longer than expected so we'll be adding the other planned features some other time. But what is new you might ask? Good question! We've added global voting. This means that if you vote on our OP Prison server, you'll get the rewards on Skyblock too!

How do I vote?
All you have to do is type /vote in OP Prison or Skyblock. A few links will appear, and if you click one of them you'll open a web page where you can vote. The web page differs from each link but it should look something like this.


NOTE: This is the 4th vote site.
We thank everyone that votes for our server daily, it really helps us grow! And just as I said before in this post, we'll add all of the other planned features in another update.

Thank you for your patience during the...

Maintenance Network Maintenance - 15/11/2018

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Hello everyone! We'll be putting the server in maintenance on the 15th of November, at 3PM CET (6AM PST) to add a neat new feature! More information on that soon!
The maintenance duration will be around 30 Minutes.

Update New Website

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Hello everyone! I bring you good news today, we will be launching the new...
ItemCraft Website!
We put in our roadmap from 2 months ago that we would be remaking our website, and we did! This new website no longer runs on Enjin but on Xenforo. Which means that we can customize the website more, have more features on it and make it look better than ever!

What can you do on our new website?
You can basically do everything you could do before but a little more. You can still apply for staff, communicate with other players, check for news and updates and look for events! We've also added a few new forums such as the Marketplace, in here you can sell your items that you have in OP Prison and Skyblock. We've also added a server section for both Skyblock and OP Prison, in here you can talk about anything...

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